BTV Vietnam Upgrades and Expands with PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo

Jul 25, 2018
BTV Vietnam master control

Binh Duong Radio & Television (BTV), has chosen AirBox Neo and TitleBox Neo from PlayBox Technology as the central element of a large-scale technical upgrade and expansion at its headquarters near Ho Chi Minh City.

"We invested in PlayBox Technology AirBox playout and TitleBox channel branding nearly ten years ago," says BTV Senior Engineer, DucThuan Vu. "They proved highly reliable and our operators find them a real pleasure to work with.

"In 2014 we extended the system with AirBox HD and TitleBox HD to power our migration to 1080i high definition. AirBox is also highly scalable and easy to integrate with third-party devices. We are now building a new studio which will be centred on AirBox Neo and TitleBox Neo. Most of our output is news-based so we need a high level of flexibility in the way we handle programme scheduling.

"ListBox Neo is ideal for schedule creation, enabling our programme editors to create and refine schedules days or weeks ahead of transmission. It allows text searching, clip copying and pasting and schedule printing, plus the ability to perform very fast programme editing with a clip trimmer.

"PlayBox Technology supervised the installation from its Malaysia office, including secure online configuration. The system itself is quite conventional with servers located in our main apparatus room and operated from our master control suite.

"BTV is a model of excellence both in the editorial quality of its programmes and in its production standards," adds PlayBox Technology's Asia Pacific General Manager, Desmon Goh. "The BTV team makes full use of the graphic design and automated playout features available within AirBox Neo and TitleBox Neo, plus the ability to override with live or near-live content which is essential to any efficient news-oriented broadcaster.

"Scalability and open interconnectivity have long been core elements of the PlayBox Technology ethos, both with the original AirBox and to an even greater degree with our latest-generation Neo and CloudAir solutions. AirBox Neo is also highly future proof, adding UHD capabilities to the PlayBox Technology content playout system which now supports UHD, HD and SD in single server.

"AirBox Neo is designed for 24/7 unattended operation and can also be operated manually, including the ability to handle live-to-air throughput."

Established in 1977, Binh Duong Television produces five television channels (BTV1, BTV2, BTV3, BTV4 and BTV5), one FM radio channel, BTV Magazine, and its website ( It specialises in providing factual information on all aspects of life including international news, regional news, health, science, industry, politics, sport.