Experience PlayBox Channel In a Box Neo and CloudAir at NAB NY

Sep 05, 2018
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NAB New York 2018

Celebrating its 18th anniversary year and over 18,000 branding and playout channel installations around the world, PlayBox USA will be promoting the server-based IP/SDI based Neo channel in a box and telco-based CloudAir solutions at the 2018 NAB New York. Company representa-tives at the booth, N1040, will include Van Duke (Director of US Operations) and colleagues.

Broadcasters today need solutions which deliver in terms of efficiency, scalability, simplicity and power. From a tightly themed web channel to a multi-platform global network or anything be-tween, PlayBox channel in a box Neo and CloudAir tick every box.

Flexible configuration and secure remote operation are central to PlayBox product line. Based on AirBox Neo automation and the TitleBox Neo character generator, it can be configured from a wide range of modules including CaptureBox Neo ingest, DataBox Neo content management, ListBox Neo playlist preparation, AdBox commercial insertion, Multi-Playout Manager multiple channel management and the ProductionAirBox Neo studio player.

CloudAir forms an ideal platform for virtual IP-based TV channel origination, including media as-set management, quality control, playout scheduling and output transcoding. CloudAir is multi-user environment, securely accessible by permitted personnel anywhere in the world and with fully integrated channel playout.

Neo channel in a box and CloudAir can be operated standalone or combined into a powerful hy-brid.

PlayBox clients include national and international broadcasters, start-up TV channels, webcasters, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels, corporate information channels and disaster recovery channels.

Experience broadcast playout at its most reliable, secure, versatile and future-proof. We have it now.