PlayBox Neo ProductionAirBox Neo-20 Integrated with Latest Version of AP ENPS

Aug 29, 2023
ProductionAirBox Neo-20 multi-channel playout system now interfaces with the latest version of AP ENPS newsroom production software

Multi-Channel Playout Takes Advantage of Continuous Updates to AP Newsroom Production Software

PlayBox Neo, a leading provider of media playout solutions, has announced its ProductionAirBox Neo-20 multi-channel playout system now interfaces with the latest version of AP ENPS newsroom production software. Due for release this summer, AP ENPS Version 9.5 will include improvements to workflow efficiency, enabling users to rename stories within grouped segments, edit rundown columns from AP ENPS Mobile, and auto-pin search results.

“ENPS paired with Playbox Neo’s ProductionAirBox Neo-20 make a solid foundation for live news programming or automated news channels,” said Brian Hopman, VP and General Manager of Workflow Solutions for AP.

ENPS 9.5, along with Playbook, the AP’s assignment planning and scheduling system, deliver on the AP Workflow Solutions team’s commitment to providing seamless end-to-end solutions for its customers. In version 9.5, ENPS and AP Playbook sport a revamped user interface, providing a more modern look and user-friendly experience.

“This new version of ENPS is extremely intuitive,” said Van Duke, Director of U.S. Operations, PlayBox Neo. “It will be a significant boost to our current clients in terms of their newsroom operations. They’ll be able to better streamline, organize and create newscast rundowns. AP is continually updating their technology, at no cost to the customer. We’ve been a proud partner of AP ENPS for many years.”

ProductionAirBox Neo-20 provides four multi-channel playout for news, live programming, video walls, live production broadcasts and anywhere video/audio content is displayed. It is designed to meet the high-reliability requirements of broadcast playout. Any changes to the playlist can be made while on air. There are no locked clips. Every clip in the playlist can be trimmed or repositioned. Moreover, playout position can be changed on-the-fly with commands like next, jump or shuttle. Such changes are performed seamlessly without stopping a current playout session. One server can be configured with up to four independent players. Each player has a separate playlist and playout control. All four SDI interfaces can be assigned as program or preview outputs. Single-channel or multi-channel user interfaces are available to streamline the operation.

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