Van Duke Presents Latest PlayBox Technology Developments to SBE

Jul 25, 2018
Van Duke

Following his recent presentation to the Miami chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, PlayBox Technology's USA Director of Operations Van Duke accepted an invitation to address a larger gathering on Thursday July 12.

"The SBE-selected location for this event was WLCC which operates a Christian television channel affiliated to Trinity Broadcast Network," Van details. "The invitation came at fairly short notice but the attendance was really good."

"Our presentation focused on the versatility and cost-efficiency of AirBox Neo and CloudAir as standalone solutions, and the huge operational flexibility which opens up when the two are combined in one extremely powerful system. Broadcast engineers all around the globe face the same challenge: the need to react quickly to demands for extra channels, whether permanent or on a short duration 'red button' model."

"We covered a lot of ground, including the merits of implementing CloudAir for practically limitless content archiving and for off-site disaster recovery. WLCC itself has used PlayBox Technology server-based playout very successfully for many years so it was an excellent venue, preaching in some cases to the converted! My thanks to the SBE delegates for their keen attention throughout the presentation and to the WLCC management for being an excellent host."