What's new - NAB 2023

Mar 23, 2023
What's new - NAB 2023

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 What's new 

PlayBox Neo Suite Architecture - Media Gateway

  • Implemented support for internet radio stream source
  • Improvements in decoding of video sources for MultiViewer
  • Implemented display of CC errors for stream sources
  • Implemented support for hardware accelerated ingest with Intel VGA (H.264 and HEVC)
  • Implemented NDI 5.5.2 support
  • Implemented RTMP input
  • Implemented Audio alarms (missing audio, under/over level) for UDP/SRT/RTP/RTMP input and AirBox Neo-20 Virtual input
  • Implemented Audio alarms for low disk space and low RAM resource
  • Implemented support for BMD Mini Monitor card
  • Windows VLAN Support
  • Implemented MultiViewer for Capture Suite Ingests
  • Implemented new MPEG2, H.264 and HEVC output Encoders
  • Implemented SCTE support for the new Encoders
  • Implemented “Encoder delay” information
  • Optimized performance for Sony XDCAM Encoder
  • HEVC conversion to 10bit enhancements.
  • Zixi pull stream source Implementation
  • Zixi push stream destination Implementation

New TS Time Delay

New TS Time Delay product integrated into Media Gateway/ PlayBox Neo Suite architecture.

AirBox Neo-20

  • Implemented Drag’n’drop improvements for eMam Media Asset Management
  • Implemented “StreamID” field in the UI
  • Implemented support for EAS from DasDec device
  • Implemented additional video stream data for DVB analyzers
  • Implemented a brand new subtitles render engine
  • Implemented “original language” for usage with external .wav files (xxx_ORG.wav)
  • Implemented new BlackMagic Atem Switcher plugin (use 8.x SDK) support than more than one DSK control
  • Implemented Capture Suite Control plugin settings per instance
  • Implemented interface selection feature for TimeCode output when there are multiple LAN cards

TitleBox Neo-20

  • Implemented support for EAS from DasDec device

Multi Playout Manager

  • Implemented “append playlist” function
  • Support for non-English language MS Windows OS
  • Implemented license information window
  • Implemented https protocol
  • Implemented “state” for the pushed buttons
  • Implemented “always on top” for currently playing clip

ProductionAirBox Neo-20

  • Support for Stream Deck external device

Multi-Backup Manager

  • Optimized Resource usage when the PlayBox Neo Suite Switch Group plugin is used

Subtitle DVB Server Neo

  • New subtitles render engine implementation