What's new - NAB Show 2022

Apr 14, 2022
What's new at NAB 2022

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AirBox Neo-20

  • New Integrated Input/Output architecture shared among AirBox Neo-20 and the new Capture Suite
  • Live Input: SDI (AJA Corvid and Blackmagic Decklink), IP stream - MPEG-2 TS (SRT/UDP/RTP), HTTP(S), RTMP, MMS(H), NDI inputs
  • Output: SDI (AJA Corvid and Blackmagic Decklink), NDI, SRT/UDP/RTP Stream in accordance with DVB & ATSC standards, RTMP(S)
  • Playback of clips still being ingested (Transport Stream and XDCAM MXF files)
  • Real-time Loudness leveler - protects the output from audio level issues
  • Web-based MultiViewer with Black and Freeze alarms
  • Web-based I/O configuration and resource monitor
  • Picture-in-Picture (DVE)
  • Implemented support for external .wav files with language and type prefix
  • Support for DeckLink driver 12.2.2
  • Enhanced downscale for live (AJA and BMD)
  • Improved MediaInfo speed for H.263 and MPEG2 files
  • Capture Suite control monitor improvements

TitleBox Neo-20

  • New TitleBoxNeoPlugin.tsb plugin for usage with PlayBox Neo Suite
  • Implemented new live input video sources (from SDI Video In or file playout)
  • Implemented new files playback engine
  • Display of animated gif files in crawl object fix

Capture Suite

  • Build-in Multiviewer
  • Multi-Channel Ingest
  • Single user interface
  • Implemented support for DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K
  • Implemented support for DeckLink Mini Recorded 4
  • Support for DeckLink driver 12.2.2
  • 10bit to 8bit conversion for live sources improvement
  • Performance optimization

Multi Playout Manager

  • Playout preview available
  • New improved interface
  • Implemented preview for controlled AirBox Neo-20
  • Included new Proxy Generator with thumbnails creation
  • Performance optimization

Subtitle DVB Server Neo

  • DVB Teletext support
  • Implemented support for “hard to hear” subtitles
  • Reduced size of the subtitles by default