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Subtitle / Caption Preparation
SubtitlePlus is the universal subtitling preparation system that allows managing and controlling the appearance of subtitles and captions. It allows entering text, translations, editing, scheduling, etc. You can create subtitles for viewers around the world, in the right language for each country
Subtitle Conversion
If you need to change the format of a subtitle file to one that your system supports, SubtitlePlus has the solution with Subtitle Conversion. This can convert subtitle files from a third-party format to PlayBox Neo's customized format, and vice versa
Offline Subtitle Generation
SubtitlePlus provides offline subtitle generation for:
• DVD authoring - SubtitlePlus creates a graphic image for each subtitle and a cue list. Most of the available DVD authoring systems formats are supported. Other formats can be defined by the user
• Video editing software (Adobe Premier, AVID, Sony Vegas, etc.) – SubtitlePlus can prepare a video track containing pre-rendered subtitles, complete with alpha channel for direct insertion into the video editing software timeline
Open (Burnt In) and Closed Subtitling
Subtitles / captions can either be generated and keyed over live video (burnt in) at transmission, or delivered as closed subtitles or closed captions, separate to the video, allowing viewers to add them at home in their TV's, set top boxes etc.

Open Subtitles using SubtitleBox is a real-time process where the subtitles are burnt into the video during playout from AirBox.


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