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Sep 24, 2020
Techology updates

What's new

Capture Suite

PlayBox Neo announces a major addition to its product line with the introduction of Capture Suite, a multi-channel – multi-server UHD/HD/SD live ingest solution designed to increase the efficiency of television networks, post-production facilities and playout centers.

AirBox Neo Updates

1. SRT Output Support:

  • Low latency, secured and reliable, hi-quality stream delivery via public internet
  • Caller, Listener and Rendezvous modes
  • Connection to more than one location in Listener mode (main and back up locations)
  • AES-128 encryption for content protection
  • Password protection - you can generate and send a dedicated password, so only the receiver part can decrypt and decode the stream
  • Latency parameter control - tweaking the latency to counteract the inferior

SRT ready

2. New Integrated Input/Output architecture shared among AirBox Neo-20 and the new Capture Suite

3. NDI, AJA SDI, Blackmagic Decklink Inputs/Outputs

4. Simultaneous outputs in different video standards and frame rates from the same source

5. Built input to output(s) switching

6. NEW Product: Web-based Multi-Viewer:

Input Resolution: UHD / HD / SD support
Inputs: AJA, BMD and NDI support - automatic input video standard recognition
Dashboard with built-in resource monitor

Cloud2TV Updates

  • Auto Import functionality updated with option to recognize files which are still under upload
  • Auto Import functionality automatically recognizes type of media file and places it in related container
  • Purge task Implementation to clear automatically all deleted assets and media files from "Default storage"
  • Automatic Transcoding of Files improvement -the newly created media files becomes "default" automatically
  • Prevention of publishing Playlists that contain media files, which have not been QC checked ("Not applicable")
  • Audio Normalization after QC check implemented for AirBox Neo-20 Playout
  • Password History implementation, which prevents of continuous use of same password