Middle Tennessee State University

We buy the best technology we possibly can. We want our programming to be indistinguishable from what viewers would see on any other channel. The PlayBox Neo system is easy to use and operate and gives us a superb output. We’re in it constantly, and it just performs flawlessly.
David Foster, Executive Director of True Blue TV
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The time had come to modernize the playout facilities for our three regional channels. Following a careful study of the various solutions on the market, we opted for AirBox Neo-20 servers as being the most efficient to operate and maintain. They provide all the facilities needed for prescheduling and automated playout while retaining the flexibility we need to support near-to-airtime changes or live inserts.
Vladimir Ilic, N1 CTO
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Arena Sport

We have always found PlayBox Neo servers efficient and highly reliable so they were the logical choice for this expansion. They allow our operators to handle the entire task of graphics integration, text preparation, scheduling and actual playout from a single workstation and within a single user interface. If a major news story demands fast attention, PlayBox Neo can accommodate that quickly and easily.
Lukas Gregus, TV Arena Sport's Chief Technology Officer
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Akili Kids!

Cloud2TV was designed, as our operations were, as a virtual remote operation from its inception. The data center in Nairobi where our Cloud2TV server is located has power and Internet outages, and it can be 58 hops from our New York City office.
Vincent Grosso, Akili Kids! CTO
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We invested in PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box two years ago with an installation at our engineering center in Culver City, California, and we are very pleased with it. We control the entire system from our facility in Florida,  processing 30 full high-definition channels in the way we have found most effective rather than the way some solutions would have imposed on us. PlayBox Neo gives us the freedom to schedule programs, commercials and promos for fully automated playout.
Michael Kohl, Olympusat Operations Manager
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PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box servers have formed the core of our playout infrastructure for many years. They are easy to use, operationally versatile and highly reliable. Most importantly, they give us the freedom to deploy automation to a very high level while retaining the ability to switch to live transmission whenever required.
Mohammad Komar, Playout Engineering Manager at Biznet
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It Is Written

We identified the PlayBox Neo series as the ideal engine to power our OTT channel, Neo gives us the freedom to transmit live as well as provide on demand content so viewers can choose to watch what they want at whatever time works best for them. We had outgrown the capabilities of our existing third-party system so we have assigned that to a back-up role.
Michael Bell, Director of Production at It Is Written
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Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

The challenge we faced was to find a versatile, efficient and operator-friendly solution that would integrate easily with our newsroom. We made a careful study of all the playout solutions currently on the market and identified PlayBox Neo as the logical choice given its long experience, proven track record in technical support and very wide user base. ProductionAirBox Neo gives us a wide range of media manipulation and delivery tools.
Luis Palacios, Northwestern University's Broadcast Production Manager
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Artmotion, Kosovo

We have invested in 15 complete PlayBox Neo servers and four Cloud2TV nodes. They were the logical choice for this project as they are very operator-friendly, space-efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. 
Kushtrim Gojani, Artmotion CEO
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We required a solution which would integrate easily with our existing infrastructure. The primary requirements were a robust operating platform, user-friendly control, easy expandability and good technical support. PlayBox Neo's Channel-in-a-Box was the logical choice given its proven success at many leading broadcast networks and playout service-providers around the world.
Mohamed Samir, Nilesat Broadcast Manager
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BHS Telecom

The reliability and structural compactness of AirBox Neo are greatly appreciated by our playout centre staff. One of the great strengths of PlayBox Technology is that it provides efficient round-the-clock technical support. This is very rarely needed but adds greatly to our operational confidence and the level of service we are able to give our customers.
Ghorban Shirzad BHS Telecom' CTO
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STG Mediaplex

AirBox Neo is easy to operate, versatile and backed by very good technical support from PlayBox Technology Thailand (...) The new system is performing excellently and proving very helpful to our business. We already operate three satellite television channels. This new addition offers a variety of Hollywood content on multi-platform devices via broadband mobile networks. It is our first OTT channel and I am confident we will be introducing more.
Jatuphol Suteesathaporn- STG Mediaplex CEO
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Tring TV, Albania

CloudAir integrates very easily and effectively with the AirBox Neo product family (…) The benefits of that integration include advanced quality control and greater accessibility for content management and playlist preparation. The system is highly secure and gives Tring TV one of the world's most modern playout environments.
Armand Selimaj, Tring TV Technical manager
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Profen, Turkey

I find PlayBox Technology very valuable and a very reliable system. We started with 2 TV channels and now have 20 TV Channels playing from 20 AirBox servers. Other systems are available, but they do not specifically meet my requirements to the level of PlayBox.
Onder Havuzlu, Managing Director, Profen, Turkey
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The Paley Center for Media, New York

Doug Warner, Director of Engineering, answering the question "Why PlayBox Technology?" “It was a combination of cost, the ability to use existing content and the integrated automation. PlayBox was one of the few systems that could do all of these.”
Doug Warner, Director of Engineering
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Mongolian News Channel

We chose PlayBox Technology for its robust, cost-effective and reliable HD playout. The servers came with TitleBox CG and Graphics and CaptureBox ingest solutions installed for full Channel-in-a-Box experience. The system is fully redundant and meets all our requirements.
Mr. Tsedevsuren, Technical Director
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Iko Media, Serbia

SBB first started using PlayBox Technology solutions back in 2006, and for all the time since then we have always been happy with the quality of the products and the prompt support. In order to meet our customers’ expectations we had to go HD and PlayBox was the natural choice for us.
Igor Jovic, Technical Director