Playlist Preparation

ListBox Neo-20 is an offline Program schedule creation and playlist editor. The perfect tool for schedule creation and editing with clip trimmer for simple program editing.
ListBox Neo-20

Sophisticated editing facilities
ListBox Neo-20 provides all necessary editing facilities for convenient playlist creation. You will find all expected features such as searching, cut/copy/paste, multi-selection editing, ordering facilities, playlist printing, and last but not least - multi-level undo/redo.

Last-minute clip editing
Simple clip editing tools are provided within the integrated clip trimmer. It allows discarding unnecessary footage, clip splitting and last-minute order reversal within the same clip. Forget about returning the clip back to the editing suite - no need and no time! You can even edit the on-air playlist, AirBox Neo-20 will automatically reload the new playlist on the next event.

Traffic system integration
ListBox Neo-20 imports traffic logs from third-party scheduling and traffic systems. This is achieved by using our universal tab-delimited and comma-separated values (CSV) and flat fixed-width text import engine.

Excellent price/performance ratio
ListBox Neo-20 does not require expensive hardware or ultra-fast workstations, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses. All content previewing and editing is done by the software itself.

Straightforward, user-friendly interface
No need to learn from scratch. ListBox Neo-20 user interface looks quite familiar as a standard Windows software. Most users start instantly working with it even without reading the User's Manual.

Playback Preview
The currently edited playlist can be played back on a PC monitor for preview purposes.

ListBox Neo-20

ListBox Neo-20 Features

  • ListBox Neo-20 is an offline schedule editor, providing sophisticated editing facilities such as text searching, clip copying/pasting, schedule printing and etc.
  • It is the main tool for the Program Editors, enabling them to create and edit schedules many days and weeks in advance.
  • No special server or hardware is required. ListBox Neo-20 runs flawlessly even on a notebook, even with software-based trimming and previewing.

ListBox Neo Specifications

Media File Formats


MPEG2    MPG or M2P - Program Streams M2T or TS - Transport Stream OpenDML AVI and WAV (mono and stereo) QuickTime, MXF, GXF
DV  OpenDML Type 1 and Type 2 AVI, QuickTime, Raw DV, MXF, GXF
HDV MPG or M2T / TS - Transport Stream QuickTime, MXF, GXF
H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part 10 TS - Transport Stream
WMV /VC-1 WMV - Windows Media Video
MPEG1 MPG - System Stream
HA VC/H.265 Transport Stream, QuickTime


Playlist Events

Fixed-time  Schedule timed events
Stop Stops playback execution until manual resuming
Wait Stops playback execution for a pre-defined period
Wait until   Stops playback execution until a specified time
GPI Sends GPI triggers to external devices
Matrix switcher  Sends commands to external switchers
VTR Allows tape-based events in the playlist
TitleBox Neo control  Sends titling commands to TitleBox Neo-20 modules
Logo on/off  Displays or hides the designated logo presets
Notes Useful for playlist-related custom information



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