Media Gateway

Live Media Delivery and Distribution
Media Gateway

Media Gateway is a live media delivery and distribution solution, based on the PlayBox Neo Suite platform. It can be installed on-premises or in the cloud. 

Media Gateway UI

Media Gateway Features:

  • Can receive streaming sources from:




- ZiXi pull


- Internet radio

  • Can transmit to streaming destinations:




- ZiXi push

  • Can receive SDI and NDI

  • Can transmit SDI and NDI

  • All non-TS stream sources are re-multiplexed to TS and can be transmitted as DVB/ATSC-compliant streams

  • All stream sources can be decoded (SPTS and MPTS supported) and transmitted as NDI or SDI

  • All stream sources can be transcoded including changing the audio layout, video standard, etc.

  • Built-in DVB, ATSC-T, ATSC-T2, ATSC-C compliant encoder with up/down, cross conversion and framerate conversion, audio layout mapping and SCTE35 insertion

  • SDI, NDI outputs and Encoders can do video standard and framerate conversions

  • Can cross-convert SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 messages

  • Closed captions are cross-converted between CEA608 and 708 and frame rate is converted when required

  • Active format descriptor (AFD) is inserted when required

  •  Web-based Multiviewer displays audio & video for all inputs

  • Build-in Alarms & Notification

  • Live feed transcoder

  • Any In to any Out - UDP/ SRT/ RTP/ RTMP/ NDI/ SDI/ HLS

  • Automatic changeover on the compressed domain (Transport stream) based on missing signal, under/over bitrate, no data on video PID, no data on audio PID; when decoded also can switch on black, freeze and audio under/over level

  • Output to SDI, NDI or TS Encoder, Black, bars or freeze frame can be generated when there is no signal on the input

  • Automatic or Manual switching of Mpeg TS streaming via Switch Groups, which can switch multiple streams at the same time. For example, switching all main sources to backup sources or some external feed. Every switch group can have multiple switches. Every switch in the group has multiple inputs and one output, which can be sent to multiple streaming protocols and destinations

  • All inputs, outputs, encoders and decoders count can be adapted to user needs through license update

  • Can delay TS streams from 1sec up to days

  • Ingest as an option

** Some features are optional

Media Gateway Workflow:


Media Gateway Workflow

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