PlayBox Neo: Meeting the Demand for Efficient and Flexible Multiplatform Playout

Jan 05, 2024
Network operations centre at STN, Slovenia.

Powering over 19,500 TV and branding channels in more than 120 countries, PlayBox Neo offers field-proven solutions that work efficiently and effectively to any desired level of automation.

2023 has seen sustained demand for our wide range of broadcast channel management ingest, routing, production, scheduling and playout solutions across many of the world’s markets. Most of our customers continue to opt for on-prem installations around AirBox Neo-20, supplemented by cloud-based Cloud2TV when required to add operational flexibility.

Among recent examples is Ontario-based Lorac Communications whose CalaTelevision division chose a Cloud2TV playout system for its CalaWeather channel. CalaTelevision is the largest independent broadcaster in the Caribbean and Central America. The new system joins six channels of AirBox Neo-20 playout servers and TitleBox Neo-20 graphics that are used by CalaTelevision’s CalaAction, CalaWesterns and CalaClassics channels.

Roberts Communications Network in the USA selected our AirBox Neo-20 for all its playout needs. This is paired with a PlayBox Neo Capture Suite which allows users to control multiple ingest channels via a single UI. Keycode Media was instrumental in the integration. Among RCN customers benefitting from the system is Fathom Events which requires delivery of live and pre-recorded content to more than 1,100 movie theatres across North America.

LATAM broadcaster Casablanca Online chose AirBox Neo-20 for integration into its São Paulo teleport. The system is being used to control scheduling, dynamic ad insertion and automated playout of a new HD television channel for viewers across Brazil. “PlayBox Neo was the logical choice of project partner given the proven high signal quality, reliability and ease of operation of its products,” comments Alex Pimentel, Casablanca Online CEO.

Among European projects, a major system upgrade was completed at the headquarters of broadcast service provider STN in Slovenia. STN first began using PlayBox playout servers in 2009. All units have been recently upgraded to latest-generation Neo-20 software plus extended 24/7 support. Our recently introduced Media Gateway software-based routing and decoder also formed part of the project. 

Bulgarian media service provider bTV Media Group invested in automated playout servers from PlayBox Neo for integration into a disaster recovery facility at Plana Teleport. The facility will safeguard bTV’s broadcast channels against any discontinuity in the main transmission feeds.

Demand in Asia remains strong, notably Thai broadcaster TV Direct which upgraded to a full PlayBox Neo system in cooperation with playout service provider PSI Broadcasting. These are located at PSI's Bangkok headquarters. In the same city, a newsroom production and news playout system was completed for TV5HD Thailand.

Some highlights from a busy year.