PlayBox Neo Selected for Full-Scale Playout at Florida Government TV Station

Feb 21, 2024
Orange TV Installs Master and Redundant System for Extensive Programming Needs

A government access television station in the Sunshine State has committed to modernizing their playout capabilities with a full-scale system from PlayBox Neo. Orange TV, the government access station of Orange County, installed a new master and redundant playout system. PlayBox is working with Brian Ross, President of systems integration firm, Enlighten Digital, on the installation.

“2024 started with a bang, particularly in terms of our technology’s selection by government access stations,” says Van Duke, Director of U.S. Operations, PlayBox Neo. “The Orange TV system is large scale, complete with broadcast channel management, ingest, routing control, production recording, scheduling, and playout. They produce a lot of original, local programing; record live feeds; and cover local council meetings and press conferences. We’re thrilled they’ve entrusted our technology to meet their rather extensive playout and ingestion needs and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

An efficient system for redundancy was most important in the Orange TV  install. Orange TV will deploy the latest version of the PlayBox Neo-20 Channel-in-a-Box server solution, including: the AirBox Neo-20 playout, TitleBox Neo-20, a 4K UHD/HD CG with multiple SDI outputs of HD and SD to feed different headends; and Capture Suite for control of 4- multiple live ingest channels through a single interface.

PlayBox Neo solutions are based on modular products and services which can be easily customized to provide the exact capability needed for any scale of channel playout management - from ingest and scheduling right through to transmission. At the heart of the PlayBox Neo line up is AirBox Neo-20, a universal playout and IP streaming solution.

Media Gateway allows routing and transcoding to be performed entirely in software, offering significant savings in terms of cost, space and maintenance. Integral software codecs allow signals to be converted between multiple signal formats.

Capture Suite is designed to eliminate workflow congestion, which can occur when an excess of incoming content must be processed immediately. Each Capture Suite server can ingest up to 16 HD channels. Content can be edited via an integral clip-trimmer or external NLE and monitors on the built-in multiviewer.

TitleBox Neo-20 is an interactive graphics manager which creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, and station logos. All running objects are mixed and blended with each other in real-time, including animations. Each CG object can be edited while being transmitted on-air.