PlayBox Neo is Starting a Series of Webinars

May 20, 2020

PlayBox Neo will be explaining the practical advantages of its broadcast media playout solutions in a series of webinars from May 19th until further notice.

Live presentations will be available in two time slots - at 10 am Central European Time and 1 pm US Eastern Daylight Time.

The webinars will provide an opportunity to see and hear PlayBox Neo specialists outlining example system configurations, operational benefits and workflows. Each webinar will end with a question and answers session.



Webinar 5 - TBA



If you missed it you can find it here:

Webinar 1 – RTMP & UDP Streaming with AirBox Neo on May 19th.  VIEW WEBINAR

Webinar 2 PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box - Remote MCR solutions on June 2nd. VIEW WEBINAR

Webinar 3 – Cloud2TV - Web-based CMS/MAM on June 16th. VIEW WEBINAR

Webinar 4 – Commercial Insertion workflow, SRT & Neo TS Time Delay on June 30th. VIEW WEBINAR