Time Delay

PlayBox Neo TS Time Delay is а Transport stream Delay module for Time Zone Delays, Regional Delays and Disaster Recovery applications.
TS Time Delay

Using PlayBox Neo Suite infrastructure TS Time Delay can take input from any of the supported stream types and can delay the signal as much as it is needed starting from 1 second to days, weeks, or months. After delaying the output can be sent through different protocols as a Transport stream. TS Time delay is transparent to the transport stream and keeps all the information received. PlayBox Neo Suite’s stream switch group functionality can be used to do an emergency switch of one or multiple streams simultaneously. Switching can happen manually or automatically. Using built-in decoders and encoders it can also transcode the output stream to other video, audio codec or change the video resolution, framerate and etc.


TS Time Delay UI

TS Time Delay Features

  • Fully integrated in the PlayBox Neo Suite platform
  • For single/multiple time zone delays, regional delays and disaster recovery applications
  • Compressed DVB/ATSC TS Stream Delay
  • Transparent to the Transport Stream - doesn't change any information from the TS source
  • SPTS or MPTS delay from the same server
  • Inputs: UDP, RTP, SRT, RTMP, Internet Radio, ZIxi Pull
  • Outputs: Transport Stream in UDP, RTP, SRT, RTMP, Zixi Push
  • Web user interface
  • User-definable network interface for each input and output
  • User-definable delay parameter, starting from 1sec up to days, weeks, or months (depending on the storage and input bitrate)
  • Automatically Emergency Switching (SPTS / MPTS), based on “No signal”, “No video” on the video PID, “No audio” on the audio PID; Manual Emergency switching is possible too
  • Emergency Switching on video freeze/black or/and audio silence, under level or over level via build-in decoders*
  • Audio/Video Alarms on the built-in Multiviewer via build-in decoders*
  • Тranscode the input signal to some other video standard & codec via built-in decoders and encoders*
  • Decode NDI or SDI signals for monitoring or broadcast purposes via build-in decoders*
  • Encode SDI or NDI to Transport steam and then delay it via build-in encoders*


TS Time Delay Workflow


TS Time Delay Workflow

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