Case Studies

April 06, 2023
PlayBox Neo announced that CalaTelevision, the largest independent broadcaster in the Caribbean and Central America, will launch a new cloud-based playout system for its CalaWeather channel – Cloud2TV from PlayBox Neo.
Playout presentation suite at Hayat TV
December 06, 2022
Newly integrated system provides all the resources needed for efficient scheduling and automated transmission of Hayat TV's five high-definition channels.
PlayBox Neo Automates Multi-zone Multi-channel Time Delay System for 3BB TV
October 27, 2022
Newly integrated system allows simultaneous or time-offset playout of five primary plus five backup channels, with full IP input and output connectivity.
Accompanying image shows PlayBox Neo CIAB system ready to go on-air at RTM
October 14, 2022
State broadcaster Radio Televisyen Malaysia has joined the global customer base of television networks using PlayBox Neo channel branding and playout.
Olympusat Master Control room
September 13, 2022
PlayBox Neo announced news of a unique application of its technology by Olympusat, a vertically integrated distributor and owner of Spanish and English language Pay-TV channels in the US.
ETV Thailand
August 20, 2022

Thai public service broadcaster ETV has chosen a playout system from PlayBox Neo as the core of its high-definition educational television channel.

ULagos TV, Chile
August 11, 2022

PlayBox Neo announces the completion of a new playout facility for Chilean broadcaster ULagos TV.

MAM and playout workflow now in operation at TV5HD, Bangkok
July 04, 2022

PlayBox Neo and EMAM, Inc announce the completion of a fully integrated playout and media asset management system for Thai TV5 at the net

April 27, 2022
Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) has gone full broadcast mode with AirBox Neo-20 playout server and TitleBox Neo-20 for graphics production.
Playout control suite at Thai TV5, Bangkok
March 04, 2022

Thai TV5, one of Thailand's longest established free-to-air television broadcasters, has chosen a PlayBox Neo playout system to replace legacy equipment at its studio headquarters in Bangkok.

October 19, 2021

Viewers of Germantown Municipal Television (GMTV) in Germantown, Tennessee get to see a we

Soul & Pepper
September 27, 2021
Channel-in-a-Box from PlayBox Neo, including AirBox Neo-20, TitleBox Neo-20 and Capture Suite, forms the broadcast playout core of the newly launched Soul & Pepper television channel now available to A1 Bulgaria TV subscribers.