PlayBox Neo to Introduce Latest-Generation Broadcast Playout and Channel Branding at NAB Show 2024

Mar 14, 2024
PlayBox Neo at NAB2024

PlayBox Neo announces new refinements to its range of broadcast playout and channel branding solutions. These include additional creative functionality for AirBox Neo-20, Media Gateway and Capture Suite, plus SMPTE ST 2110 IP input/output support. Also on show will be the latest versions of PlayBox Neo’s complete Channel-in-a-Box turnkey channel branding and playout product suite and software-centric Cloud2TV. They will be demonstrated as part of a complete system on
PlayBox Neo booth SL6099 at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas, Sunday April 14 through Wednesday 17.

These new features offer our customers the ability to control practically every aspect of the media management workflow at a single desktop, from ingest, editing and graphics management to ad insertion, scheduling, archiving and transmission,” comments Van Duke, PlayBox Neo Director of U.S. Operations. The whole process can be automated to allow 24/7 hands-off operation while retaining the freedom to make near-to-air changes or switch to a fully live source. Based on 25 years of development experience, our platform is designed to ensure that operators not only work efficiently but actually enjoy working within a domain that is easy to learn, versatile and highly stable.

AirBox Neo-20 provides automated content streaming and broadcast playout for any kind of TV channel: cloud-based, satellite, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcast, corporate TV, internet-based TV, etc. At NAB Show 2024 it gains a new graphic mixer with 4K-UHD optimization plus a video resize capability. Also added are separate fade transition for every logo preset implementation and full 1:1 mirror mode.

Media Gateway enables routing and encoding to be performed entirely in software, offering significant savings in terms of cost, space and maintenance. The solution allows signals to be converted between multiple signal formats. NAB Show 2024 sees the addition of support for 1:1 aspect ratio 3840 x 3840 resolution 25 to 60 fps 1:1 video display plus audio visualization.

Capture Suite is a multi-channel multi-server UHD/HD/SD live ingest solution which integrates into the production workflow of any television network, post-production facility or playout center. Capture Suite is now being expanded to include support for the XMP file format. Originally created by Adobe Systems, XMP simplifies the processing and communication of metadata related to media content creation and allows close integration with Adobe Premiere video editing software.

Channel-in-a-Box is the world’s best-selling playout and channel branding system. A complete turnkey broadcast television playout server suite, it is designed for single channel or multiple channel HD or UHD operation. Channel-in-a-Box provides all the facilities needed to keep a channel on-air, combining AirBox Neo-20 playout automation, ListBox Neo-20 scheduling, TitleBox Neo-20 interactive CG and graphics, Capture Suite content ingest and Media Gateway live delivery.

All four products also gain SMPTE ST 2110 input and output via Decklink IP/SDI HD cards which will be appreciated by the increasing number of media organizations migrating from SDI to SDI/IP hybrid or fully IP operation,” Van Duke adds. The new interface allows IP-based content capture and playback connectivity over any distance.

Cloud2TV is based on the concept of virtual channel playout and is totally software-centric. Its processing platform and cloud-native services represent the future of video production and content delivery, providing TV operators with ultimate simplicity, efficiency and agility. Latest features include a new implementation of advanced search and custom CSV database import.